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A Product designer,
a cat mom,
based in New York City.


I am Melody :)
I am an experienced, out-of-the-box product designer with a human-centered design mentality. I find joy when users provide me with positive feedback on the work I create with passion. When working, I continuously look to refine my designs through user feedback and make sure all the design decision I make is backed by data.

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Recent Work

Price Page

My Role: Product Designer

Price pages are the individual assets pages and are the top viewed section across the entire CoinDesk website and products. As the main product designer who works on this section, I did competitive research to wireframe, prototyping, user testing, and final delivery to the developers.

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Crypto Price Page

My Role: Product Designer

The Crypto price page is the list view of all the cryptocurrency prices that CoinDesk provides. I designed this section in a short timeframe. From researching, designing, and delivery to developers, all were completed in two weeks.

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Responsive Website Design

Colonists Citizens

GDUSA 2020 American Web Design

My Role: Interaction Designer

An award-winning website that is designed for an exhibition at New York Historical Society, “Colonists Citizens Constitutions”.

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Responsive Website Design  / Development

PicTokyo Inc.

My Role: Website Designer

PicTokyo is a PhotoBooth Rental Service Company in Japan. I fully restructured and redesigned the company’s website

UX Research / UI Design / Branding


My Role: UX research, UX Design, UI design

A traditional TV remote controller app on mobile phone. 

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