︎ Yi Tung, Melody Wang
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Colonists, Citizens, Constitutions

The Dorothy Tapper Goldman Foundation

KUDOS Design Collaboratory

John Kudos

Melody Wang

Ardon Bar-Hama

A website that is designed for an on going exhibition, Colonists Citizens Constitutions. “It is an exhibition  tells the story of American constitutionalism from the founding era through the turn of the twentieth century. These federal and state constitutional materials, selected from the collection of the Dorothy Tapper Goldman Foundation, offer essential windows onto the history of the United States.”(Text from the www.colonistscitizensconstitutions.org) Furthermore this website  also functions as an online database for the constitutions that exhibit in the exhibition.
Client’s Need

︎︎︎Create a website for all 42 documents that exhibit in the exhibition. So people can view the documents more clearly and can be view any time anywhere easily.

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I created two different visual designs for my client to choose from and the design on the left was chosen.

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Awarded GDUSA 2020 American Web Design

Please check out https://www.colonistscitizensconstitutions.org