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Insta Tour

An add-on feature inside Instagram

Willy Wong
Sketch, Principle, Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop

UI designs, UX design

Technology has changed the travel industry, and make travel easier to everyone.Travelling to somewhere is now a day to day things for our generation. We can book the flights and hotel simply just few finger flips on phone screen or few clicks on computer. We are no longer rely on traditional travel agency to give us the information, we tend to get the information from online search, from friend’s posts on social media, etc.


Have you ever in a situation that you saw an architecture or a statue in front of you that interest you but you have a hard time to figure out what it is or what it is for. 

Or you are really hungry and there is a restaurant right in front of you looks good to have, but due to the fact that you can’t speak the local language so you are not sure what kind of food this restaurant serve.

Even if you are trying to google it, but have not idea how and what word to search.


Adding a function inside the instagram story. People could get the general informations they needed simply through taking a snapshot or a video of the place.


How can I help the tourist to obtain information they want in a time limitation by using the app they current have in their hand?

Target Audience

- Who love to travel around world
- Who always on instagram
- Who enjoy travel alone and having some sort of small surprise during the trip


Google Lens

However, “Insta tour” utilized the massive posts and the stories that the user posts in instagram instead of connected to the outer websites like Google Lens

User Flow

User Journey / Storyboard


There are two different ways you can use this fuction:

For the travel:


Generate the information of the place
Base on the photo you just take, the system will generats the information out for you. You will get the information of what is this place, the most recent insagram story people posts, and the most liked posts of the place. So it will give you  the basic overview of what to see when people come to this place.


Capture the one that make you confuse
Take a snap shot or a video of the place or the statue that catches your attention and
you have no idea what it is but eager to find out the answer.


A fun, short story of the place.
Instead of spending extra money to get a tour guide or rent a tour guide machine, you will able to see the tour guide on  instagram story that give out by the official account of the place (if they have) with the basic introduction of the place or a small story relate to the place.

For the restaurant:

There are times that you just wondering what local people really ordered in this restaurant but due to the fact that your are not able to speak the local language you waren’t able to ask for the recommendation. Through the Insta travel, you are able to know what is the top nine liked posts of the restaurant. So your are able to take a peek of what local people likes about this restaurant.


Recieve the information

You will receive the top nine liked posts of this restaurant in order to take a peek on what local people eat here. Also the resturant can out the today’s special menu or seasonal menu in the stories. Therefore, instead of ask the wait for the waiter/waitress or print out another separate menu people can just look through the stories to get the informations.


Take a picture of the place


General Informations

You will get to a general information page, where you will get to know
when is this shop opens, the actual address and their website link


Interview 1

Interview 2
Interview 3
Interview 4

By using the current instragram to find out the building across the street:

Too much steps. Do not guarantee you will get the excat the information you want.

With new idea:

**This is a school project that I done in my senior year.