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Meet in MET

Dating APP for the Metropolitian Museum of Art

Hoshi Ludwig
Tomoko Yates

UX and research: With 3 other group memebers
UI and visual: myself
Sketch, Principle, Photoshop and Illustrator


Metropolitan Museum of Art is always crowded. And Met Museum sets record with 7.35 Million visitors in a year.
(January 4, 2019)


Too crowded
Too Big
Too much
Bad Guidance


Instead of trying to solve the problem of the daily congestion, perhaps we can take advantage of this situation.


Taking advantage of the crowded environment, Meet in Met matches you with the person who shares a similar taste of art with you.

It will help the users facilitate an intimate interaction with your match during a short customized art tour in the Met.

Target Audience

Millennials who enjoy meeting new people in different situations as well as those who like to go to museums in their spare time. Perfect for tourists as well.


“ You get to learn a lot about how people think without the regular formulaic, “What do you do and how big is your family?”


Reviews about other dating apps

“After a brief introduction about yourself, there is always an embarrassing silence. It is very difficult to find a topic to talk about if you don’t know anything about that person’s interests at all.”

“ There are already lots of dating apps. They are all similar - you basically decide whether to go further or not based on their appearance.”




UI Elements

**This is a school project that I’ve done during my senior year in college.

Start with choosing one category that interest you. Then swipe the cards to match the art works that you are interesting and want to see in the museum. Setup Fill out the basic preferences for yourself. Login / Setup Profile picture Matches Matches By clicking the painting, you are able to see Details the detailed information of the painiting. Take a photo of yourself and the system will You may use this as your portfolio picture (Just like Google Art). generate a painting avatar that looks just like you.