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A TV remote controller app for cable channels.

Hoshi Ludwig
Tomoko Yates

UX research,
UX Design, UI design

Sketch, Principle,
Adobe Illustrator,
and After Effects.

Design Prompt

︎︎︎“Design a TV Remote APP”


I start with researching which group of people spends the most time on watching TV, and from the research, people who are above 65 spend more than 50 hours a week on watching cable TV on average in the United States. However the traditional TV remote controller has way too many unnecessary buttons on it that increases the difficulty for the elders.


My grandparents love watching TV. They spend a lot of time on watchingTV, however, I recognized that TV remote controllers are not very user friendly towards the people in that age.  Therefore I hope there is a way I can incorporate my design skills to help the elder people like my grandparents as much as possible.


Too many buttons on the traditional Cable TV remote controllers, which increases the difficulty and complexity for people to recognize all the functions of every button, especially hard for elders.

︎︎︎Easy to lose, and mix up with other controllers
︎︎︎Too much buttons
︎︎︎Buttons too small, can’t really see it


By saving people’s time and helping people use their time more efficiently , I designed a TV remote controller app that eliminates all functions and buttons that do not use it frequently. And by utilizing normal gestures that people use with their phone, together formed an app that works well both efficiently and easily. 

︎Too many buttons

︎ Buttons too small, can’t really see it

︎ Easy to lose, and mix up with other controllers 

 ︎︎︎ Eliminates all functions and buttons that do not use frenquently.

 ︎︎︎ Utilized the gestures of how people reacts to the phone screen, which can helps reduces the time learning and finding the exact buttons they looking for.

︎︎︎ By using the phone app as the TV remote controller, it will reduces the numbers of the controllers at home. Even if they loses their phone, it can be found through ringing the phone. 


How might we create a TV remote control that is user friendly towards elders?

  • Simpler
  • Consise
  • Easy to Use


“ I sometimes try to use the AC controller to turn on TV.” 
“ I wish there is a way that I can go back to watch the TV show again when I miss the show.”


I found out an interesting behavior during my research on how people watch the TV:

While watching TV, people usually hold their TV controller in their hand with fingers on the “next” button, and eyes on the TV.

These inspired me to incorporate more gestures using the app while designing the UX for the app.

Gestures Behavior

I start to closely observe at people around me, to see how they use their smart phone.

It’s difficult for people reach the top of screen by using only one hand oppose the bottom of screen. Therefore it is better to put the major functions buttons at the bottom.


  • A 65+ Elder

  • Context: It’s another normal non-working day again after retired. I don’t really have anything to do. So I watch TV for 5 hours a day.

  • Motivation: The TV remote controllers in my house are too complicated, and too much buttons on it. I always pressing the wrong button when I am watching TV.

  • Pain Points: I need a easier and less button TV remote control.

  • Mental Model: Usually I get to the new stuff from TV, the newspaper or from my kids or grandkids. My kids will give me updates about the new coming up stuff that they think is useful to me.


Visual System

︎︎︎ Color Choice: 
Black, White and Red

Black and white color choice, with a little taste of red, makes all the buttons in the app have huge color contract and very easy to find. Reduces any misunderstanding that can cause by using gradiant color. 

Power Button

Long press the screen until the “turn off”
button shows up.

Volume Control

Adjusting the volume throught finger pinch on the phone screen

Channel Control

Switching the channel through double tapping either the left or right panel on the screen. Or you could write down the number of the channel or the name of the show that you know it in your mind you want to watch.


Miss the show?

No worries!

There will be a data base set inside the app. You can always
go back to database and watch the show again whenever
you  want.

Pause / Play

Really want to use the restroom but the show was just right heading in to the climax part?
Just pause the show. Even it’s on live.

Didn't saw hear that sentence clearly?

You can always go back a little bit to hear  that sentence again through adjusting the bar. Or you can press the “10” button in the corner to go back 10 seconds.

General Settings

Feeling the icon a little too small for you?
Go in to the size adjustment section. By dragging up the circle icon you are able to adjust the icon size of the APP.

**This is a school project that I done in my senior year.