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PicTokyo Inc.

PicTokyo, a PhotoBooth Rental Service Company in Japan.

PicTokyo Inc.

Melody Wang

Melody Wang
I fully restructured the company’s website starting with a wireframe & sitemap, and adding new features such as client form and engaging designs to improve overall UX and UI which gains user traffic, build up brand awareness, and encourage meaningful engagements as the results.

Client’s Need

︎︎︎ Create and update a new design system
︎︎︎ Upgrade the website into an user friendly website
︎︎︎ Adding new services and new features(Client form) to the website


︎︎︎ Reorganized the structure of the entire website, upgraded the visual design , and leveled up the user experience. Therefore the customer can find what they are looking for in a more efficient way. And understanding each services “PicTokyo” provide more clearly. 

︎︎︎ By using the vivid color to create a more welcoming and more engaging atmosphere same time to differenciate different product. 


PC Version


Different Services

Product Page

Client Form


Create more traffic to the website, bring in more potential clients.

Please check out the website https://pictokyo.jp/en/